Benefits of Being Insured With Us

Benefits - Optometric Protector Plan

In addition to superior coverage, those insured with the Optometric Protector Plan® also benefit from the nationwide network of agents, malpractice claims expertise and accredited risk management programs.

Nationwide Availability

The Optometric Protector Plan® is available nationwide through our dedicated network of agents, chosen for their expertise in professional liability coverage.  In addition, your policy is fully portable. If you change employment or move to another state, your policy will follow you and you will continue to enjoy the same excellent service you’ve come to expect through the OPP.

Risk Management

Risk Management is an important part of your practice and your profession.  Through MedPro Group’s risk management education programs, we provide you with the tools to help reduce risk and a potential claim.

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Specialized Claims and Legal Service

  • Claims Expertise – Claims staff averages more than 20 years of experience handling claims
  • Local Defense Counsel – we use top local defense attorneys that specialize in defending medical malpractice claims
  • Winning Defense Record – For the past ten years nationally, we closed 79% of our provider cases without payment and won 90% of our trials.*
  • Joint Decision Making, Consent to Settle Provision – policyholders actively participate in preparing and assessing their cases.

Litigation Support Programs

Through the OPP, our insureds have access to an exclusive litigation support tool called Maintaining Your Balance that will help you understand the basics of defense strategies and help you to become an active and strong participant in your defense. Equally important, this program will help you overcome your feelings of anger, frustration and fear so you can continue to practice with confidence.

In today’s litigious society claims are inevitable.  Don’t think it will happen to you?  Here are a few cases from the OPP claim files…



Claim Amount

PA Alleged failure to diagnose diabetes and prevent blindness. $772,520
CT Alleged failure to refer patient to ophthalmologist. $693,264
SC Failure to diagnose glaucoma. $642,452
TX Mistreatment of corneal ulcer. $623,629
VA Alleged failure to timely diagnose glaucoma – loss of sight. $557,060
PA Failure to diagnose detached retina. $521,154
CA Failure to diagnose a tumor. $482,791
FL Bacterial infection in the eye. $156,595
GA Failure to diagnose glaucoma, resulting in blindness. $281,478
GA Following RK, claimant suffered a detached retina. $196,435
IL General optometric negligence alleged. $252,542
KY Failure to diagnose retinoblastoma. $372,424
MA Alleged retained foreign body in left eye. $249,953
MN Failure to diagnose a hemorrhage. $160,758
NC Alleged misdiagnosis of detached retina. $263,011
NY Alleged negligent treatment. $168,618
OK Misdiagnosed fungal infection. $239,747
PA Alleged failure to diagnose eye tumor. $255,819
RI Alleged misdiagnosis for detached retina. $203,637
RI Alleged failure to refer for detached retina. $107,492
TN Damage to eyes after dilation. $250,000
TX Alleged failure to diagnose detached retina. $205,944
TX Alleged failure to diagnose glaucoma. $101,996